Breaking the Walls Between Us and Opening Our Hearts

The Doors

During the last months, we’ve been involved with building the third floor which has centered within it, the organization’s entire dissemination system:

• The Television Studios: A small studio in which Rav Laitman will be filmed and a large studio in which the rest of the programs for the channel will be filmed.

• Administrative Offices and the Offices of the Various Departments for internet, languages, editing, etc.

Within all the work and mess, we’ve begun to toboggan gonflable search where to get the doors from. A number of possibilities have arisen. We could build the doors alone with the help of our professional carpenters, yet because we were pressed for time, we turned to the second option of purchasing the doors. This second option is very expensive, since there’s such a large number of doors needed and because some of the doors must be special fireproof or two-winged alarm doors which are more expensive.

Until one day our great friend named Meor Moyal from the Young Group arrived and took the project upon himself. Meor obtained bids, carried out the orders, and the results are before you; Meor installed the doors in our shared home and our giant friends from throughout the world helped him: Arthur Roll, Roman Tarhov, Costa Korbatov and many priceless others.

Special thanks to Meor and to all the friends who helped and are still helping!

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  1. A big big LeChaim to my brothers, Meor, Arthur, Roman, Costa, and all who helped! Sending intention to you my friends!!!
    May the doors you are installing represent the doors of heaven that are being opened to light the worLd!



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