Breaking the Walls Between Us and Opening Our Hearts

Project Costs

In the attached table, the various expenses of the project are outlined by stages and in different currencies (exchange rate: 1 Shekel = 3.8 Dollars). We will update the data as the project progresses.

Project Components
Amount in NIS (₪)
Amount in USD ($)
The design of a space on the ground floor capable of accommodating over 2,000 individuals in optimal conditions suitable for lessons, meals, and conventions. Renovation of the dining area entails: erecting a concrete wall, installing electric acoustic blinds, implementing a new air conditioning system, and constructing partition walls to insulate the facility. Incorporation of detection and suppression systems. Demolition of the partition between the small dining room and the dining hall while incorporating an acoustic partition.
Purchase of a new chiller.
Replacement of insulation for the piping of the cooling systems (chillers).
Upgrade of the technological systems in the expanded space: installation of lighting, screens, and speakers.
Upgrade of the control system and security cameras.
Sealing of the roof to prevent rain from leaking in the winter.
Renovation of the showers to improve the accommodation conditions.
Replacement of elevators (will be carried out after the convention).
Unforeseen expenses.