Breaking the Walls Between Us and Opening Our Hearts

The Building As One Body

Remember all the updates from the roof? The remains, demolition and breakage? So as you know the preparation stage is the most important. And today the preparation reached the end when the big crane came and delivered two huge chillers to our roof. For many long and hot months our friends worked on the roof with no break for this day.

The chillers are huge machines that chill water inflatable water park with gas in a closed circle and later send the cold water to units (offices, studio, kitchen, etc.) This water cools the air before it blows into a room and this is the how the building stayed cool throughout the hot summer and we all enjoyed it. When the water heats up it goes back into the chiller to cool off with the help of those pumps – really like the heart in the body that ejects and pumps blood to every part that needs it.

So here as well we can see how everything is connected and works on one principle: collaboration and mutual guarantee between all the parts.

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