Breaking the Walls Between Us and Opening Our Hearts

Raising the walls of the production room and starting the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most prominent and important places in the building – this is where the warmth and pleasant smells come from, and where many friends connect by preparing the food together. On a daily basis the new kitchen will serve approximately 100 factory workers. During large conventions, holidays and group meals, the kitchen will serve about 2000 people. After many months of working to get proper permits from the municipality, planning and ordering equipment and tools, our kitchen is finally on its way. The first stage is marking the places where the walls will go up that will close off the kitchen and all its sections.
Another important area that got underway today inflatable water slide was the production room. This room is a very vital part of the television studio because this is where all the preparations are made for getting a show made. This is where actors and participants are organized; get make up and wardrobe, etc. Today the production room is a very cramped office of about 20 meters that is used by many factory workers and volunteers. The new production room will be 50 meters! Today is a day of new beginnings. Two very vital constructions sites got underway in our building and even though there is much to be done, with friends such as these – there is nothing to fear.

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