Breaking the Walls Between Us and Opening Our Hearts

Plans for the Kitchen

We gathered today, friends, experts and consultants from across the country, to design the kitchen for the new building.  The friends, who contributed to the plan, sat for long hours in a room with a joint effort to connect them, and produced amazing results.  The kitchen will be approximately 250 square meters and will inflatable water park serve around 2,000 people.  Responsible for the kitchen design plan is Frida Sofer, a member of the Rishon Letzion group.  Frida is an experienced and knowledgeable food engineer who has contributed a lot of her precious time to the project.  Working together with her, are many other friends: Ephraim Shiovich, owner of a large catering company and Ronen Ilan, Project Manager at a large real estate company as well as others.


Thank you very much to all who contributed to the brainstorming meeting for the purpose of constructing the kitchen for all of us!


Fund Raising Progress