Breaking the Walls Between Us and Opening Our Hearts

Moscow Group

“We put this money aside to buy a new and larger center for us in Moscow, but while in the “Gathering of Friends”, we decided together to send this money for the new center, because this is now more important than building our own common house.”


That is what our friends from the Moscow group wrote to us, along with contributing 32,000 dollars to the new building for Channel 66 and the “Kabbalah for All” organization.


“A home is not a physical place, it is a warm place in the heart, a place where you always want to return, and where you will do everything in order to keep this sensation.  Our home and our heart live in Israel. When we realized this in the shared thought and with great clarifications among us, we discovered that we were ready and willing to give up something that is important to us. Like building a home here in Moscow, we gave for the sake of a great and powerful place which could accommodate all of humanity”.


Thank you very much to all of the friends from the Moscow group!


Fund Raising Progress