Breaking the Walls Between Us and Opening Our Hearts

First Signs of the Post-Production Rooms

The post-production area is the pulse, the rhythm, the voice of the new home. There we record the music of all of our musical friends. There will be the voice-over room, the control room, and the entire sound department will operate and be managed from there.

In order to reach the country’s level of a professional recording room, we’re building the walls at very unique angles, making the building into a complex of many small walls at precise gonfiabili per bambini angles. Today, the first boards were placed to indicate where the walls of the rooms will soon be built. We’ll continue to follow the construction of these rooms together.

The floor will be a “floating floor”, and together with the double acoustic walls, total noise insulation is ensured. Despite the absolute isolation, the hearts of the friends will always remain in connection; no walls will separate us!

Price of construction: 80,000 NIS

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