Breaking the Walls Between Us and Opening Our Hearts

Crossing to the Server Room and Installing the Air Conditioning Ducts in the Large Studio

Today (24.9) the first point of light was kindled in the building. Even though everything was covered in dust and plaster, with cables hanging from the walls, with pieces of plasterboard that were strewn in every corner, we succeeded in entering the Server Room. Yes, after several months of preparation of our technology system, the light is kindled.

The Server Room is the brain of the entire inflatable water slide building and the center of all the media. Now, much work remains for our technology department, but the complicated stage is already behind us.

In addition, we advanced a level in upgrading the studios. We installed air conditioning ducts that will cool the place in the future. The photography studios are one of the special places in the building. From there content will be broadcast which disseminates the method of connection in several languages and in many ways: Lessons with Rav Laitman, workshops, programs for children, and more.

Many thanks to all who helped shoulder the shared work and to all who helped in other ways!

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