About the project

You will not find anywhere else in the world where thousands of people, all together, join to build a home for everyone

Address: Hamagshimim St. 17, Petach Tikva

Plot size: 5600 Sqm

Structure: Ground Floor + Gallery, Two additional floors above + rooftop parking

Cost: 27 million NIS
Cost of do my homework for me buy an essay moving and renovation: 8 million NIS

At the start of 2012, due to the serious and unrepairable condition of the old building of our Bnei Baruch organization, the home of channel 66, combined with the new-born desire for a larger home to serve as the global headquarters, we started the search for our new home.

A year later, we’ve become owners of a beautiful, larger building in the Petach Tikva industrial area.

Current Status

Today it is required of us to redesign and renovate the building in order that it suits the purposes of the Benei Baruch organization. It is necessary to incorporate a large convention hall for large gatherings, classrooms for study, a state of the art television studio for local and world-wide broadcasts, offices and work rooms for staff, a serving room, kitchen, and dining room for daily and special group events, and guest rooms for students arriving from abroad.

For this renovation, we were in need of dozens of craftsmen: architects, interior designers, advisors and so on. The team which volunteered was composed of friends from all over the world who study the wisdom of Kabbalah together. All, without exception, have donated and are still donating their time to the do my homework for me buy an essay planning and building of this new home for all of us.

Recently, we’ve received many calls from group members from around the world and viewers of our television channel asking to join the project and donate their valuable time and expertise in many different areas. We are starting the renovation and building process.

Anyone who wishes to join this shared endeavor is more than welcome.

It’s more than a television channel. It’s a home!

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